Hello guys,

Amigurumi greets kids and grown-ups in the world of crochet toys!

Who are “amigurumi”?

Japanese art of crochet toys ir known as amigurumi (ami - crocheted, nuigurumi – stuffed toy) crochet animals, dolls, plants etc.

How to made?

Amigurumi are usually crocheted out of yarn using the single crochet stitch, by increasing or decreasing.

Toys are made up of parts that are crocheted, stuffed, and sewn together. Stuffing is usually standard polyester.

Amigurumi are usually made up to 10 cm and and distinctive feature is almost always round bodies, somewhat large heads and small limbs.

Human qualities are given for all of toys. A pair of small eyes and mouth is given for such things as plants, fruit, vehicle…

Toys wear crochet clothes, eat crochet food, live in crochet houses, drive crochet cars.

Welcome to crochet land of Amigurumi!